Spokes Personal Performance Coaching; training plans for cyclists, designed and delivered by top class coaches worldwide.

The Spokes brand is strong, lightweight, and all about forward momentum.

The spokes logo with an illustration of the 10 degree angle used throughout

Spokes encompasses a wide range of marketing campaigns and partner brands, all of which need their own visual identity. They include initiatives such as the BESPOKED podcast, Pav Bryan’s Signature Coaching, and the VTR (Virtual Training Rides) events.

coach jake talking to a cyclist at the gcn salbach event
Coach Jake, in Spokes jersey.
pav bryan in spokes apparel at the gcn salbach event
Coach Pav Bryan at the GCN Saalbach event.
various icons for the spokes website
Varied icons used to illustrate the Spokes product tiers.
logo for the bespoked podcast
The BESPOKED podcast branding.
colour swatches for the spokes branding
man unzipping a spokes branded jersey

The spokes.fit website began life with WordPress and WooCommerce. After time, we used those elements for eCommerce, and brought HubSpot onboard for all other content and marketing.

The HubSpot platform, with its mailing campaign tools, its CMS, and its CRM allows the Spokes team to follow customer journeys from acquisition, through purchasing, and even to communication with coaches.

screenshot of spokes website homepage
Website: Hubspot
eCommerce: WordPress and WooCommerce
CRM: Hubspot

Photos courtesy of GCN Salbach, studio shots and video by Luke Perry of Somos Studios.