A couple of months before the word “covid” entered the global lexicon, I embarked on an adventure to row 3,000Nm across the Atlantic with my rowing partner Dan.

Planning and fundraising took years.

But on Saturday 4th February 2023, at 01:02 local Antigua time, we crossed the finish line; 53 days and 16 hours after leaving the shores of La Gomera in the Canaries.

logo variants in assorted colours
photo of the roaring40s team crossing the finish line
various visual assets from the roaring40s campaign
Branding decals for our boat Axel (including the legally required SSR number).
roaring40s logo on the boat 'axel'

Branding for the campaign showed support for our main partner charity (The Pink Ribbon Foundation) and captured our playful, honest approach to the adventure. There was nothing overtly macho about what we were doing, and that accessible character was reflected in the colours and typography used in all visual material.

font selections for the roaring40s branding
the roaring40s team rowing their boat axel into position
image of the roaring40s boat in the slings, waiting to be launched in the canaries
Fitting the rudder prior to lifting Axel into the water.
colour swatches for the roaring40s branding
poster design in adobe illustrator
Fundraising events wouldn’t have been possible without our sponsors; we often used banners and posters as a thank you.
thank you banner at a roaring40s golf event
A rowers-eye-view of the sunrise from the roaring40s cockpit
animated gif showing the roaring40s team at the finish line in Antigua

Photo of sunrise from cockpit by me, Thank You banner photo by Chris Scholey, all other video and photography courtesy of Penny Bird, Atlantic Campaigns.